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Frequently asked questions

Why Fredericksburg Fitness Studio and not a “gym”?

Our goal is to help you “Get Fit for Living Life!” We offer customized training programs for each of our clients. We have no membership fees so you are only paying for the time you are actually in the studio. Our expert staff guide you every step of the way. We focus on overall health and wellness to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.

If I am early, is there some place I should wait?

Yes! We have seating available in our lobby and cool-down lounge where you can help yourself to filtered water and fresh fruit. Feel free to sit and wait, someone will greet you shortly!

How many sessions will it take to achieve my desired results/goals?

There is no set number of sessions it will take to achieve your desired results/goals. We hope to help you create a healthy lifestyle that will allow you to “Get Fit For Living Life!”

Can I customize my weekly exercise program to include private, small group & Pilates sessions?

Yes! You have the option to do both Pilates and training sessions or a combination of individual and group sessions. We will help you create a program that best fits you and your goals.

What happens during a session?

Each session begins with a 10-minute warm-up of your choice on the bike, elliptical, rower, or treadmill. After your warm-up, your trainer will lead you through a 40-minute work-out routine that will be customized for you. Your session will conclude with a 10- minute cool-down.

What is the difference between PT (Personal Training) and MET (Medical Exercise Training)?

MET is a protocol-based approach where you will learn specific exercises to manage and improve your specific health condition. Your Medical Exercise Specialist will communicate with your referring physician every 30 days. Our MET program has three different levels known as “schools”. Each lesson consists of 40 minutes of exercise followed by 20 minutes of education. Level 1 is S.T.E.P. School (Supervised Therapeutic Exercise Preparatory School) which is private and lasts a minimum of one month. Level 2 is S.M.A.R.T. School (Specialized MedEx And Reconditioning Training School) which is focused on your specific health condition. After completing Level 2 it is our hope that you would graduate to Level 3 which is F3 School (FF Functional Training School) where you will continue to build a strong, healthy body and mind.

How much does it cost?

Training sessions start as low as $35/session. We also offer senior discounts (55+). We operate by appointment only and recommend you book a complimentary consultation to obtain your personalized quote based on your health history and personal goals.

How should I dress?

When coming to your consult and musculoskeletal screening, there is no need to wear any athletic wear. For your MET/PT sessions, please wear comfortable athletic wear and closed-toed shoes. For Pilates, we recommend wearing Pilates socks that provide extra grip while on the reformer.

Is MET covered by insurance?

MET can be covered by insurance if the following criteria are met:

  • Client has sustained major trauma, undergone surgery or chronic condition
  • Client is NOT covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or government-based coverage
  • Client has a referral for medical exercise from an MD, DO
  • Client has received maximum benefit from PT/DC
  • Client has residual functional deficits
If these criteria are met, then you as the client will have the following responsibilities in order to receive insurance reimbursement:
  • Obtain diagnostic code from referring physician
    • Note that you may have to request this code in writing.
  • Referring physician must completely fill out the referral form including:
    • Diagnosis
    • Frequency
    • Duration
    • Any other notes
      • This form must be completely filled out in order for your insurance to potentially reimburse.
  • Pre-authorize with your insurance carrier
  • Clearly explain why your program will improve function and note the referral
    • Letter from FFS will be given explaining who we are and what we do
  • Follow up in 2 days
  • Provide invoice, METI certificate, initial assessment letter, medical clearance form, session logs, and progress reports to the carrier with the invoice
    • Your trainer will provide you with copies of these forms.

Do I have to create my own small group or will FFS match me with another client(s)?

FFS will match you with another client(s) that will be appropriate for your fitness level. You are also more than welcome to bring a friend with you and start a group together!

Can I train in the studio outside of my regular appointment time?

No, we do not offer open gym times

Is there a cancellation policy, what is the make-up policy?

For cancellations, we ask that you give at least 12 hours notice. Our Fitness Director will help you reschedule your sessions.

Is nutrition coaching included?

Yes, we include two nutrition coaching sessions with your trainer with all contracts. If you need additional nutrition coaching sessions, we offer packages for purchase that can be found on our Nutrition Coaching page.

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