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Always ready to learn

A big thankyou to those of you who watched my attempt at a promo video and especially those who gave some feedback.

Someone spotted a grammatical error - corrected

Somebody else felt the music didn't quite fit. I agreed and so changed it to something hopefully more suitable (I think so!)

Another said that it ended a bit too abruptly and didn't give enough focus on how to connect with the business. I paid attention to this and made some changes.

Of course, there are parallels here with both being a tutor and being a student. We are all on a learning journey and it's good to reflect on how we're doing and when appropriate, to bring others on that journey.

How can I be a better student?

How can I improve my tutoring?

These are questions we need to ask ourselves and to ask others who might be able to help. We need to answer honestly and positively (this is not a 'self bashing' exercise!) and then we need to respond by beginning to apply those suggestions as to how we might 'get better'.

Notice I used the word 'beginning'. In the past I've made the huge mistake of trying to change too many things too quickly. Instead take small steps, and if done with honesty, purpose and determination these should lead to bigger steps in the long run.

Happy learning folks!

Anyway, here's the final promo, not perfect but hopefully improved ...

Now to see if it makes any difference ...

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