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It's okay to break the routine

Pssst ... this is mostly aimed at parents with Primary aged kids

I'm talking about homeschooling.

You're in lockdown and you've been at this for what might seem like forever and with varying degrees of success:

They love the writing and hate the maths (or vice versa)

One day they are really 'up for it' and the next day ... they're from a different planet!

They're learning something new and BINGO! ... your little input helps them see the light. Then same child, different topic and no matter what you say or do the light just doesn't come on and the tantrum begins or the mood descends.

Easy for me to say I know, but give yourself a break. This is what learning is all about and reflects the daily experience of the majority of wonderful teachers out there, itching to get back to the classroom (yeah they really are!)

If you were doing any planning or research at the beginning of lockdown, you would have discovered the importance of routine. Most of the advice was ROUTINE ROUTINE ROUTINE.

This still holds true. Most children and young people need that structure to their lives and I'm sure it's contributed a lot to you keeping your sanity.

Don't lose the routine. But it's okay to break it.

What exactly do I mean?

Plan something different for a day, a couple of days or maybe longer (you know your kids better than anyone).

Tell them in advance, even better if they're old enough and sensible enough (!) get them involved in the planning process. They'll love it.

I don't want to turn this article into a suggestions list, as it could go on for a very long time, but here are a few:

Make puppets, write a short play then video the mini production. They can post it online for their friends to view.

Do a mini topic (again let them choose)... Space, Romans, Insects, Clothes ... the list is endless. It can include pictures, drawings, factfiles, quizzes & why not get them to write to an expert or a company. You'd be surprised what they might get back!

Have an Art Week, a Music Week, a History Week ... add your own idea here:

I hope I've inspired you not stressed you out. If the latter then simply ignore!

Finally there are a few links below which you might find helpful:

Happy routine break!

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