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Why should MY child have a tutor?

1. To sort the basics

The chances are, there is something that your child hasn't quite grasped. It may be that they missed an introduction to something at school or just didn't 'get it' when everyone else did and were too embarassed to ask. A good private tutor will devote quality time with your child to help them get to grips with something that might hold them back later down the line. Good basics will usually mean good progress. Who builds a building without a good foundation?

2. To solve specific problems

Along the learning journey your child may have found certain elements of learning problematic. The class teacher may not be aware of these learning issues but even if they are, unless your child has specific learning difficulties or is amongst the most able they are highly unlikely to get the quality time they need. A good private tutor will devote quality time with your child to help them get to grips with these issues.

3. To get focussed

School is full of distractions ... what's going on outside the window ... other children chatting loudly ... different things going on inside the classroom. It's too easy for certain types of children to lose their concentration and if your child is one of those 'types' then they are at a disadvantage. An online platform with a tutor is a great place for your child to build resilience. Even for those children who naturally concentrate well, there are many fewer distractions! A good private tutor will devote quality time with your child and as they build rapport will enable your child to focus.

4. To boost confidence

As soon as they find that the tutor is actually helping them in some way just watch their confidence grow! A good private tutor will devote quality time with your child, with the intention of getting them to believe in themselves.

5. To develop honesty

Some children find it difficult to ask for help in front of their friends. With a private tutor there are no friends to be in front of and hence, are more likely to be honest and share difficulties, especially as they develop a growing rapport with their tutor.

6. To catch up

The Lockdown has thrown up at least one more compelling reason why parents and carers should invest in hiring a private tutor for their child ... catch up.

So many children have 'fallen behind' through nobody's fault. Most schools have done their best to provide work and support for the children at home and most parents and carers have tried their best in extremely demanding circumstances. Others have found it impossible.

The government have a well-intentioned scheme called the National Tutoring Programme, which is primarily aimed at disadvantaged pupils and pupils in areas which are classed as disadvantaged.

There are two major issues with this:

a) There may be tens of thousands of children who are not 'disadvantaged' by the government's definition who could easily have fallen behind. They may not be able to access the NTP but would benefit greatly by having a tutor. A good private tutor will devote quality time with your child and enable them to 'catch up', focussing on their particular needs.

b) Only a limited number of large agencies are likely to be involved and they will follow a prescribed path of learning. The needs of individual children may still not be met. Repeat above!

7. To give control to parents

Parents, in partnership with the tutor and the child can change the learning focus as needs change. They can also ask for homework, have formal and informal feedback on a weekly basis. They can also ask for advice on other school related issues. Good private tutors provide a service that government schemes cannot.

Finally, private tuition is flexible. Time of day and week can be arranged to suit the needs of parents/carers and the child. For most, it is affordable and can be a significant investment into your child's future.

A good private tutor will potentially ignite your child's love for learning.

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