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Choosing a tutor?

Four reasons to go independent

My Dad has been taking his little automatic car to the same garage for services and repairs for the last twenty-five years. Why? Because he can trust them. They have been consistently reliable by being honest about the car, charging a fair price and ensuring it has been properly repaired or serviced.

They are not a main dealership. They don’t have all the latest technological gadgets or dozens of mechanics at their disposal. But what they DO have is years of experience and great customer relations – they genuinely care about you and your car. You’re not just another customer and they will stop and chat if they bump into you in the street.

This is the best analogy I could come up with and my first reason for choosing an independent tutor.

1. Independent tutors are like your good local garage. They are more able to provide that personal approach and as a parent you will be able to closely monitor the progress of your child. In consultation with the tutor you can change the learning focus or even the different ways your child does their learning.

More reasons …

2. Flexibility. Independent tutors are usually more able to be flexible over the timing of lessons. Do you have an appointment you can’t change? An independent tutor is more likely to be sympathetic to changing the time of the lesson.

3. Cost. There will be no agency fees. Fees for independent tutors will vary but generally you get what you pay for. An inexperienced teacher straight out of university may only charge £20 per hour whilst someone with years of teaching experience and further ‘in service’ training may charge a bit more – remember it’s an investment for your child.

4. Teaching style to suit your child. Some agencies and certainly bigger companies only teach in a certain way. This may not be conducive to your child. An independent tutor will be more open and able to change their approach to fit your child.

I’m not trying to knock agencies here. They have many great qualities and there are some super tutors to be found on their books. They may well be suitable for your needs but I’m trying to give the ‘purely independents’ a gentle push in your direction. Happy hunting!

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