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My child is dreading going back to school - would a tutor help?

Worries can deeply affect our children

Even if they haven't had it themselves, Covid19 has deeply impacted children up and down the country ... from the terrible trauma of losing a relative on one end of the anxiety scale, to simply missing their friends on the other. For some, the reality of missing out on really important learning has created deep worries and also sits at the negative end of the anxiety scale.

So what kind of worries do children have about their learning?

Here are some of the of thoughts they might be having ...

"... my friends will have done much more than me."

"... I still don't understand fractions."

"... I've fallen SO FAR behind."

They sound a bit silly, right?

Yes, but ...

... while many children will simply 'brush off' these thoughts, many others will dwell on them, let them niggle away and take them to a place of apprehension, disquiet and uncertainty. Over time these can build up to a genuine dread of going back to school.

So back to the original heading ...

I would love to be able to say 'of course' for every single child, but there are many others who can help too:

1. Parents, if you've run out of ideas, there may be those amongst your circle of friends or in your family who can offer help and support. Many schools now have a safe Facebook or Twitter page for sharing ideas .

2. Teachers and Head Teachers are well trained, caring professionals who may be able to make suggestions, either online or perhaps even face to face at a safe distance. Try the digital channels that were being used during lockdown.

3. Tutors CAN be a great option too. If your child is simply lacking confidence in a particular area of learning, a good tutor will build rapport, assess learning needs and plan a series of lessons appropriate to your child. A couple of months and your child should begin to turn around. Or maybe he/she needs a longer number of sessions to restore confidence. If it's affordable, see it as a wise investment!

For many more of the benefits of having a regular tutor please refer to my last blog "Why should MY child have a tutor?"

So, in honest reply to the heading's leading question, the answers are DEFINITELY YES, NO and MAYBE!

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